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Fantasy Collections
Build your NFT Fantasy collection and win a prize
We help not only to store NFTs,
but to earn users on there collections
World's first NFT Fantasy Collections Fest

Add your NFTs to your personal gallery

Up to 6 NFTs can be added. Depending on the rarity of the combinations, the participant receives points.

Invite friends to vote for your collection
To vote, you must have a CTF control token. With the help of friends, you can get even more points
Summing up and announcing the winners
For each new stage, different NFTs can provide a multiplier for the points. You can use NFT of other projects
Build your NFT Fantasy Collection
Don't just store NFTs, but earn money from demonstrating them
The ability to combine different NFTs for uniqueness and increase the multiplier. Combining different authors increases the reward. This gives thousands of combinations and creates competition for unique NFTs.
Invite your friends on NFT Collection Fest and earn more points
If the collection is not very large, then you can break out into the leaders at the expense of friends and acquaintances. Voting for NFT Fantasy Collections creates a viral effect
We have already created and launched the NFT Fantasy League -
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