The world's first wallet that helps you store and use NFT
The future of art at NFT
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SAVENFT wallet
Buy NFT offline
The QR code system helps the author / gallery / art dealers to sell the work offline
NFT Smart Gallery
The application helps to customize the display of NFT on LED screens or any other diveces.
Buying NFT with a credit card
Set up a payment gateway to help you buy NFT with a credit card
Art dealer support
Ability to simplify work with authors and clients offline
Multi-chain store
The author and his work are important, not the chain on which it is hosted
NFT security
We place great emphasis on the safety of your work. In the future, we plan to integrate with hardwallets
NFT SMART gallery
Don't just store your NFTs on your phone, create a gallery of LED screens or other devices and enjoy your NFT. Conduct your NFT offline exhibitions / auctions in a couple of clicks
Multi-chain store
The focus is not on the chain, but on the authors and their works
We provide an opportunity to focus on the authors and their works. The applications will help to partially solve the problem of piracy in multi-chain networks. Let authors / galleries / art dealers choose a chain
Buy NFT offline
Scan QR code and pay with NFT card in 1 minute
Now NFTs are in the virtual world, we open the opportunity for anyone to become an owner of an NFT. Without knowledge of smart contracts, blockchain. Just pay by card and enjoy NFT on your phone or other device
Our team has expertise in the successful launch of mobile applications for 1 million users and a blockchain project on NFT
Dmitriy Boshenyatov
Valeriya Kraeva
UX/UI Designer & NFT Artist
Goro Ishida
Solidity / Backend Developer
Bogdan Sinitsja
Frontend Developer
Ekaterina Kosova
SMM Manager
Anastasiia Zhulanova
–°ontact me
Dmitriy Boshenyatov
CyberTime Finance
Phone: +7-915-039-36-59
Email: [email protected]
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