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NFT Mystery Box
Create / buy / sell NFT Mystery Boxes
How NFT Mystery Box works?
Create NFT Mystery Boxes by yourself and without knowledge of the code
User can sell NFT from Mystery Box on our second market or use in our ecosystem
Launch sale on our platform with few clicks. Get rewarded from every sale of your NFT Mystery Box
Create own NFT Mystery Box with NFT and set chances to win. Create new NFT or add from your collection
Self-service & No-code platform
Thoughtful UX / UI and customizable reward logic
NFT Mystery Box
We plan to create our own NFT Mystery Boxes based on the Fantasy League, but also open up the opportunity for other projects. Anyone can create their own Mystery Box and sell it on our platform
For projects, artists, collectors
The ability to create new NFTs for the Mystery Box or add already created NFTs. It is easy to set the size of the reward, the selling price, the chances of winning.
Self-service & No-code tools
We will create a convenient, understandable and simple tool for creating an NFT Mystery Box on the blockchain. At first it will work for BSC, but then we plan to adapt it for Polygon and Ethereum.
Users can buy Mystery Box for $SAVENFT token, sell / buy in the secondary market, receive an exclusive to launch NFT Mystery Box through Launchpad for their users with payment for tokens of their own project

There will be an honest launch without a presale. 0% team share, distribution 38% tokens by farming, 30% will be burn in first 30 days!
Only 5% fee from each transaction
We believe that such a fee is optimal for long-term development
Token holders
No need to farm / stake, just keep your tokens in your wallet and get income
1.25% go to promote CyberTime
0.75% go to buyback CTF & DAOS
Liquidity Providers
With each transaction, the liquidity of the SAVENFT / BNB pair will increase
Fair launch
with 0% team share
2% Airdrop
Before the start of farming, we arrange a Airdrop. Buy DAOS tokens and earn points. Buy NFT on auctions and get extra points
30% LP Locked
Tokens are locked for 5 years. We will add 5 BNB to form a fair starting price and mcap.
38% Farming
No closed presales / ILO / IDO / ICO. Add tokens to the pool and get SAVENFT. There will be only one farming stage and it will last 30 days!
30% Burn
We will create a special smart contract to which we will add 30% of the tokens. At the moment of the start of farming, the burning of tokens will begin at 1% per day
- Successfully pass Certik Audit
- Launch Migration portal
- Update tokens info on Coingecko & Coinmarketcap
- 2nd farming stage + 3rd stage with ApeSwap collaboration
- Added on Dappradar,, Defistation, BSCprojects
- Launch with DAO voting + feedback on Nolt
- First auctions with artists on
- Move liquidity and pools from v1 PancakeSwap to v2 PancakeSwap or ApeSwap (decided by the community via DAO voting)
- Collaborate with renowned cryptoartists and community member (e.g. NFT by Alex and Mr. Hui)
- Launch marketing on BinanceRocket, BSCScan, Defistation, Bitmedia, Coinzilla, 4chan, Twitter etc.
- Conduct a marketing campaign on a well-known portal in Hong Kong
- Treasureland & Lootex marketplace integration
  • NFTL Staking
  • #10 Unique NFT Auction on
  • SAVENFT Launch
  • SAVENFT / CTF / NFTL Audit in HashEx
  • SAVENFT Farming
  • NFT Mystery Box Self-service platform
  • Mystery Box Launchpad in Fantasy League
  • v3 NFTL & CTF
  • CyberTime Token Pass
  • Locking NFTL
  • Join Celo Camp
  • NFT Lottery Game
  • NFT Battles
  • NFT Forge
  • Collaboration with NFT authors and project for creating NFT Mystery Boxes
  • Integration Polygon / Ethereum
- Launch and 1st stage of farming
- Add NFTL CTF to Coinmarketcap & Coingecko
- 5k Telegram followers & 10k Twitter followers
- NFT Airdrop distribution
- Audit smart contracts by Adesh Kolte
Meet our team
Successfully launch CyberTime.Finance
with NFT Fantasy League
Goro Ishida
Solidity / Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Bogdan Sinitsya
Valeriya Kraeva
UX/UI Designer / Artist / Co-founder
Dmitriy Boshenyatov
CEO / Co-founder
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