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Decentralize Learning Management System (dLMS)
Our mission
Users will be able to receive course certificates in the form of Soulbound tokens (SBTs) and see the progress of onchain learning. To increase student engagement in the learning process, we will introduce learn-to-earn mechanics, which will help not only learn, but also earn by becoming mentors for the next streams.
Our goal is to create a decentralized learning management system. This is an infrastructure project that will help move education from the Web2 plane to the Web3. With the help of DAO, NFT, control token, we want to create a strong community, which itself will find the best experts and determine the vector of learning.
Forget about waiting for payouts, payout requests, deductions, and more. Get your earned income directly to your wallet. With a verified smart contract, your income is protected
Receive your reward payment directly to your wallet
Want to create a great course, but not enough resources? Attract co-investors to your project through NFT. You get the money to launch, and they can get a % of the income from your course
Find co-investors into your courses
Keep track of your learners progress via dashboards
With onchain analytics, you can easily keep track of your students' progress. Involve them with NFT Achievements, create surveys, and quests. Thanks to clear dashboards, all important data is always at your fingertips!
No course ready yet? Get the power of Quadratic Funding
If you're still thinking about creating your own course, take part in the upcoming quadrangle fundraising round. This is an opportunity to test demand, raise funds, and attract students before you even create a course! In addition, because of these mechanics, the more contributors you attract, the higher your reward will be
Do not just study, but also earn on the knowledge gained. Several statuses for students give you the opportunity to become a course supervisor, help students in subsequent streams, and earn money from it.
All training certificates in one place on the Web3
All training certificates will be issued in the form of an NFT SBT (Soulbound Token). This is a non-transferable token that will verify your completion of the onchain course. Attach your certificates to .eth domains and show up on your onchain resume
Unite in the DAO community around themes and experts
Become part of a community around our platform, direction, expert or specific course. Users themselves are the vector of development, choose the best experts in the direction and much more.
Our investors
We have attracted investments from 3 well-known venture capital funds. Share our success and become an investor while the opportunity is open.
For experts
For experts
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